Dear Visitors, You are viewing the redesigned official website of the Diocese of Canada - Istochnik. This internet presentation will, from now on, display all important information tied to the life of our Diocese in the Serbian and English language. (the English version is being developed) The site is adaptable to all versions of the web, so that guests to the webpage will be able to view it from the mobile devices and tablets. We are using the "responsive design, html5" standard for audio files, as well as a very simple navigation for photographs. The reading of news on the main page is as simple as a click on the button "show all" and the news will appear. We have also developed a floating menu which allows for easy return to any link in the menu, no matter where you are on the webpage. There is also a button for returning to the head of the page. The design is manageable, brightly coloured, simple and functional. All news are sorted into categories according to content, so they can be scanned individually in a separate window in your browser. The design of the website is entrusted to Very Rev. Ivan Cvetkovich, a member of the Missionary Section of the SOC, and his team. All of your suggestions, comments and questions in relation to the website of the Canadian Diocese can be sent here. We hope your time spent on our website will be spiritually beneficial.