As you well know, We have been appointed by the Holy Hierarchal Assembly and the Holy Hierarchal Synod as the administrator of the Diocese of Canada, with all the accompanying rights of an acting bishop.
Fulfilling the decisions of the Church, We arrived in Canada on June 5th of this year. The way We were greeted is already widely known to the faithful in Canada and among our nation. Who is responsible for this greeting which peaked with police preventing Us to enter the monastery will be presented to the Holy Hierarchal Synod and Holy Hierarchal Assembly.
As the administrator of the Canadian Diocese We are informing all above named that bishop Georgije, by the decision of the highest Church authority, has been permanently relieved of administering the Canadian Diocese. He has also been summoned to officially hand over all archival and financial documentation to His Holiness, the newly appointed administrator.
Unfortunately, bishop Georgije did not do this. Instead of handing over the official documents of the diocese he surrendered only his hierarchal staph and panagia, claiming that the Diocese is managed by the Annual Diocesan Assembly and the Diocesan Council.
This is a childish explanation.
According to the Constitution of the SOC and the Statute of the Canadian Diocese, the diocese is managed by the bishop. The bishop is accountable for everything in the church and diocesan life.
This is widely known.
Bishop Georgije locked his office, as well as the offices of the secretary and the treasurer and thus prevented us from entering the diocesan archives and documents. Having attained legal advice we, according to the advice of our lawyer, entered the offices forcefully with a committee and authorities present.
There will be great troubles in establish continuity with the previous administration.
With this We are informing you of the happenings in our diocese from June 5 to 23 of this year.
We call all diocesan bodies and church-school congregations to responsibly and wisely, according to the Constitution and the Statute, continue their work in the bodies which they were chosen for.
At the same time we appeal to all church congregations to update their debts to the diocese because the diocesan treasury is nearly empt. Since May 22 this year, $209,111 in cash has been dispensed from the diocesan accounts by bishop Georgije, completely disregarding that he is no longer the acting diocesan bishop.
Due to these circumstances we appeal to you to accept this explanation and to pay all of your dues.
We will not always be in Canada.
Very Reverend Vasilije Tomic will act as Our replacement and you may contact the office of the Diocese of Canada for any information. We will be in contact, through our deputy, with the same.
To the members of the diocesan bodies and the congregations of the Canadian Diocese We wish all good things in your further endeavours for the benefit of the Church, peace and unity in our Lord.
AEM Serbian Patriarch
and administrator of the Diocese of Canada