Please take notice that the monastery and the monastery grounds are open to all faithful

orthodox christians to come, worship and gather with friends and family in the spirit of

St. Sava and our Orthodox Faith.

Nonetheless, we have just learned about a presentation that is to be held in our

Monastery by Mr. Vladimir Dimitrijevic. We, as active Diocesan Council have never

issued such an invitation, nor do we know what the presentation is about.

The legal and established Diocesan Council has convened over the past few weeks,

exactly on three occasions with His Holiness, the Administrator of our Diocese, to deal

with the issues facing The Serbian Orthodox Diocese in Canada. No authorization for

any presentation on 28th of June was discussed nor was it ever approved.

Please be advised that the Diocesan Council has not sanctioned this presentation. Mr.

Dimitrijevic has been notified that he has not been given the blessing to hold any

presentations in the Monastery of the Holy Transfiguration.

We remind all the faithful Orthodox people that the Monastery continues to be the centre

of the Serbian Orthodox in Canada and welcomes all who come to worship God in our


Please be advised that the service will commence at 9:00 AM this Sunday, June 28,


Deputy of His Holiness

Patriarch of Serbia and

Administrator of Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Canada

V. Rev Vasilije Tomic

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