On Saturday July 4, 2015, following Holy Liturgy, a cleanup crew was organised on the ground of Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Milton. Thanks to the talents and sweat of members of the Canadian-Serbian Benevolent Organisation Jovan Ducic, and other faithful, the property of the only Serbian Orthodox monastery in Canada got a new shine. Everyobody was particularly moved by the presence of one of the hardest workers, a young Canadian man named James. He did not hide his satisfaction in working on our property. For some time now he has been preparing to become a member of the Holy Orthodox Church by baptism. This day was a move in that direction. He felt like one among his own kind. Welcome! The rest of the workers, mostly Serbs from the region of Herzegovina worked as if they were cleaning their own homes. In minutes, broken branches were disappearing, roots were plucked, and grass was mowed. Everything was refreshed. We spoke of God pleasing topics and worked hard so that God would be please. A few words about the Canadian-Serbian Benevolent Organisation Jovan Ducic A nice and good name for a nice and good organisation. The name is from a geat poet among great poets, a great patriot among patriots, a great wiseman among wisemen and an ambassador of our people. "Jovan Ducic" was founded in 1991, by Canadian Serbs from Herzegovina to help their homeland. The members of this organisation have been attending our monastery for a many years now. Thanks to their effort a few years ago the childrens playground was installed. We would like to thank them, on behalf of our Holy Monastery, for their worthy efforts and time. We pray that the Lord will give them strength so that they help their Church in the future as well. Good people are always prepared to do good! Glory and thanks to God for all! protosingelios Vasilije (Gavrilovic)