On Saturday August 8 festal Vespers was served in Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Milton by Very Reverend Vasilije Tomich, episcopal deputy. After the prayerful portion of the evening, supper was prepared for all present by sister Sanja Dzekich, the president of the Diocesan Circle of Serbian Sisters of Canada. The following day Liturgy was served by the abbot of the monastery, protosingelios Vasilije (Gavrilovich) and deacon Djuradj Kojich. The faithful continued to partake in fellowship on the monastery grounds.  Throughout the day new guests arrived. Te monastery is renowned for its hospitality, and this event has been well organized for many years now. This year was no exception. Music was heard throughout and soon a kolo was danced under the summer pavilion. This lovely scene was enriched by the delicious smells and tastes of the many dishes which were prepared by sisters of the ladies guilds from the Hamilton parish (St Nicholas parish - Nash Road), Oakville (Sts. Peter and Paul parish) and Kitchener (Holy Trinity parish). These hardworking, enthusiastic, and above all friendly women created a welcoming ambience for all guests. Aside from the sisters of our parishes, men from congregations in Hamilton, Oakville, and Whitby helped as well. If we were to count all the people who laboured these days the list would be significant. On behalf of the administration of the monastery, and the diocese, we thank them all. Putting aside all the duties and responsibilities they carry in their parishes, their contribution made this day possible. May St. Panteleimon, whose feast we celebrated that day, remember them and bless them. The monastery is blessed with the relics of St. Panteleimon, and they were displayed throughout the day for veneration. With the fear of God, people piously approached the relics with their petitions. May the Lord strengthen and bless us by the prayers of His saint. Among the guests were some of our priests from the region, who once having completed the parochial obligations, joined us with their families: Very Revs. Milovan Sredojevich, Vojislav Pavlovich, Dragomir Ninkovich, Milojko Dimitrich, Dusan Gnjatich, and deacon Djuradj Kojich. They sacrificed their time and love by coming even though they are busy in ther parishes. We thank you venerable fathers! Administration of Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Milton