This year, as in the nineteen previous years, the traditional gathering of Serbs of Kitchener and Waterloo will take place on the property of Holy Great Martyr George parish in Waterloo. This Saboris an opportunity to present ourselves to our compatriots as a people who have a rich national tradition and heritage which we have guarded for over fourteen centuries. This is also an great chance for us Serbs to visit each other; in particular to remind ourselves that even though we live far away from our homeland, we still carry a responsibility to protect and fulfill all the good things which were God-pleasing, and inherited from our ancestors.
Following Holy Liturgy and the communal participation in the Holy Mystery of the Eucharist, the greatest Sacrifice to the Lord on behalf of all and for all, we have prepared a wide spectred entertainment programme. Our guests will be entertained by our choir, children's orchestra, and folklore group "Gavrilo Princip". Alongside the cultural programme all present will also have a chance to try our culinary ethnic specialties: food from the grill, rotisserie roasted meats, side dishes, and a roasted ox on the spit. The atmosphere will be completed by an orchestra of Serbian music, coming from Chicago specially for this occasion. We invite you and all our brothers and sisters from Ontario to join us and be our dear guests!
Parish council of CSC St. George, Waterloo