Priests of the Eastern-Canadian deanery of the Diocese of Canada gathered on Thursday, August 6, at Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Milton. This is the third such gathering in order to prepare the grounds for the upcoming Monastery Sabor picnic. The gathering is being held this upcoming weekend, August 8 and 9. The abbot of the monastery, protosingelos Vasilije, delegated the various tasks to be comleted by the clergy and by 8am the priests were busy at work. Clear and sunny skies gave us very affable conditions to work hard. The hard labour was carried out well, but with smiles and a feeling of joy. This was an excellent opportunity for priests to exchange experiences and give each other advice. We conversed while working and the conversations were good and beneficial. The blessing of the monastery was ever present and the workers felt it and were inspired by it. Our priests are not conspirators, nor Judases. They are simple people with an unusually difficult calling and job. Every Sunday they find themselves at the intersection of life's path and they commune of the only compass in life. Following the Body and Blood of the Lord, they worthily ask to be followed. And as good shepherds, they are followed. They are not Judases, and conspirators because they do not follow people, but the living Christ. Who is against who has become more important, to some, than who is against what. Cliques have no place among us. A call to boycott by some priests, is a call for separation and cliques. Who needs that? Mr. Pavle Zlatar, who visited the monastery a few days ago, says :"We do not need division. We have enough of that. What we need is a little bit of unity." Chika Pavle, 83 years old, also says that those who say the monastery and cemetery are not well kept are lying. He uncannily reminds us of another Pavle whose holy radiation we all felt from 1990-2009, but perhaps not enough. I write this only because of Chika Pavle and his teary eyes. Because of his gratitude. He prayed with three priests during a parastos, and as a child, during WWII, he was expelled from his home in Kordun at the unripe age of 9. He survived it all and is blessed with old age. His love for his people engulfs him; because his people are good. Do not judge the Diocese of Canada and its headquarters, in Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Milton, based on what you hear, or God-help-us-all read, rather "Come and see!" Reverend Aleksandar Crnogorac