On Sunday November 27th Our Sisters made a surprise luncheon for Milka Culic’s 64th ‎birthday and Popadija Ljiljana’s Pavlovic 50th birthday -they were truly surprised. Father Voja thanked Milka Culic, the current president and all the Sisters for their continued hard work that they do all year long. ‎He thanked Tetka Milanka for the many years she was president and her continued support of the sisters Father Voja commented on how the sisters are truly a unified group being the strongest group of Sisters in Canada. Rajko Djurdjevic on behalf of the church board thank Milka Culic for being President and for all her commitment to the church- the Sisters are the backbone of our parish‎ and without them it would be difficult to exist. They are the mothers of the church that bind us all Of course a big thank you to Milka’s family and husband Spiro Culic for their continued support of Milka as president – we all appreciate you sharing her with us. ‎ Rajko also thanked Tetka Milanka for all her years as head of the sisters and her continued support as the honorary president. Tetka Milanka has always been and is a dedicated member to this day. Tetka Milanka thanked everyone and paid tribute to all the sisters who worked so hard and many who have now passed away. She is the oldest and long standing member of the remaining sisters. For many years she worked long and hard with everyone and her wish was that the Sisters continue to work hard be as one and maintain to be the most unified in Canada.