Let us be thankful to God!

“Give thanks to God always, even when we suffer. Let us learn from the example of the Holy Gospel that was read today. From ten leprosy men, that were cured by Lord Jesus Christ, only one came back to give thanks to Lord for his health, and he was foreigner - Samaritan.”

With those words His Grace Bishop Mitrofan addressed the faithful at the St. Nicholas Cathedral in Hamilton.

It was a great joy for all faithful of the St. Nicholas Cathedral to have our Bishop among us, who came in 28th Sunday after Pentecost, so that we can all together celebrate our Church Slava and our heavenly patron St. father Nicholas at the banquet. His Grace Bishop Mitrofan officiated Holy Liturgy along with priests Djuro Samac, Stevan Stojsavljevich, Milojko Dimitric, Ljubomir Rajic, Milorad Delic and deacon Aleksandar Mitrovic.

After the Holy Liturgy and communion of the faithful, everyone came to church hall where kumovi Branko and Jadranka Bibic with the help of our Circle of Serbian Sisters, prepared the slava banquet. After the cutting of Slavski kolach, Zoran and Vesna Pankerichan accepted the honour of being kumovi for the next year Slava banquet.

All that attended the banquet were greeted by the president of the congregation Mr. Miroslav Cucuz, who gave thanks to all, first to our Bishop His Grace Mitrofan, clergy, hard-working sisters, choir and to all auxiliary organizations, brothers and sisters who helped in any way with progress of our church community.

Protopresbyter D. Samac