During the St. Elijah holiday the Serbs from British Columbia, the Canadian farthest western province, have had a great honor and joy to welcome their archbishop, to be present in archbishop’s liturgies and to receive the episcopal blessing.

On the eve of the St. Elijah the Prophet was served holiday vesper where together with the Bishop were serving proto-presbyter stavroforos Miroslav Dejanov and presbyter Marko Radmanovic. On the St. Elijah day the Archbishop’s Liturgy was served where a number of faithful people was gathered. After the prayer behind the Ambon the Bishop has consecrated the icons which were placed inside the church this year. Father Marko has thanked all donors who gave donations that helped our sanctuary to be beautified with beautiful icons.

The Bishop has then given a graceful sermon where he has emphasized the life and the importance of St. Prophet Elijah in the time when he has lived and the significance of this God pleasing accomplishment. Hardworking sisters from the Ladies Auxiliaries have prepared agape holiday lunch for all present.

 After the lunch, His Grace has visited the church construction site at St. Archangel Michael Serbian Orthodox church and then he went to visit Serbian families who have purchased an estate on the outskirts of Vancouver in Boston Bar. The bishop has blessed the estate and the newly built Serbian homes.

Serbian Days in Kelowna and the First Canonical Visit of Bishop Mitrofan

Kelowna is a town located at about four hundred kilometers eastern from Vancouver and it has around hundred families living there. During the first week in August for over decades now, they celebrate Serbian Days, and since 2003 when they consecrated their parish home they celebrate their patron saint St. Elijah.

This year, they had a special joy as the Serbian bishop for Canada Dr. Mitrofan has visited Kelowna for the first time and blessed the faithful Serbian families that have gathered in Archbishop’s liturgy held on Sunday, August 5, 2018.

During the liturgy there was a litany procession around the church and blessing of slava bread and wheat. This year’s slava godfather Petar Milojevic was a host not only in this celebration, yet he was helping with all events of this missionary parish all year round. New godfather for the next year is Sinisha Ivkovic who has recently moved to Kelowna.

During the St. Elijah celebration, both in Vancouver and Kelowna, there were cantiniers from both St. Sava and St. Archangel Michael church choirs singing in all divine services.