On Wednesday, August 28, on the Feast of the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos, His Grace Dr. Mitrofan Bishop of Canada visited the faithful in Windsor on the occasion of Gracanica Windsor’s  church Slava. On this occasion he served the Holy Pontifical Liturgy together with Protopresbyter-Stavrofor Božo Bakajlić, Protopresbyter-Stavrofor Rade Obsenica, Protobresbyter-Stavrofor George Sandulescu (Romanian Church), Protopresbyter John Ayub (Antiochian Church), Protopresbyter Evangelos Aravantinos (Greek Church) as well as Protonamesnik Vladimir Vranic, the parish priest at Gracanica Windsor. To the great joy of the host and the people in Windsor, the liturgical celebration was also attended by Mr. Vasilije Petković, Consul General of the Republic of Serbia in Toronto. Just before the beginning of the Holy Liturgy Mr. Brian Payne was ordained by His Grace into the rank of reader, which was a touching and unique act for many in attendance, all the more so as it was the first time in Windsor to perform the act of tonsuring or ordaining to any ecclesiastical level. The hope is that not only the beauty of this act, but also the sacred service itself, will be exemplary for future generations from this region to direct their interests to the service of God through His Church. The special joy of this magnificent day was the children who literally filled the altar and the whole church. A great number of children and the faithful received Holy Communion and welcomed and celebrated this great holiday in a dignified and beautiful way. After the Ambon Prayer there was a Traditional Procession of three turns around the Church and upon returning into the Church, His Grace cut the Slava Kolach and blessed the Zito (wheat). Each year, the congregation at Gracanica Windsor wants to highlight the most exemplary believers in the Church, and this year the blessing has been bestowed upon the sponsors (kumovi) of this year's Slava, John and Zorka Brujić. There was particular joy in that the entire Brujić family was present and took an active part in celebrating this great day for our Church and our community. The granddaughters of the sponsors (kumovi) of the Church Slava, Nadia and Ileana read the Epistle beautifully in Serbian and English. According to the wonderful custom, the sponsors of this great holiday for last year Jovan and Janja Urukalo, as well as for the following year Gruja and Jagoda Stevanov, were present in the Church with this year's sponsors Jovan and Zorka Brujić. May the Lord graciously pour out a blessing on them for they set a wonderful example of love for worship, the Church and the community to younger generations. After the Dismissal, Bishop Mitrofan delivered an inspiring sermon teaching about the magnitude of today's holiday, but also the marvelous personality and importance of the Most Holy Mother of God, especially her role as a mother in our lives. This was followed, for the first time in the Church, by the awarding of diplomas to the graduates of the Gracanica Windsor Church School, with the blessing of Bishop Mitrofan, and with the message that it is the hope of exceptional and very dedicated teachers at the church school that the students will always have in their thoughts this blessing today and that looking at their diplomas they will always know where they have grown up spiritually and where their spiritual and religious roots are. In addition to their diplomas this year, the students each received one cross, Blessing from the Krka Monastery, which was specially brought back and donated for this occasion by Janja Urukalo from her travels in the Old Country. In the evening, there was a traditional Slava banquet, a true table of love, at the Serbian Center. To general delight, again for the first time this year, the program was opened by the students who were awarded diplomas for successful attendance and graduation from the Church School. In their touching speeches, they emphasized the positive experiences that they had in Church School, which was a kind of invitation to their younger friends and parents not to miss the opportunity to be part of this important institution. The program was led with dignity by Tina Dukić, and on this occasion there were also brief appropriate speeches by: the President of the Gracanica Windsor church-school congregation Mr. Vladimir Pribojan, this year's sponsors Mr. Jovan and Mrs. Zorka Brujić, the Consul General of the Republic of Serbia in Toronto Mr. Vasilije Petković and Protonamesnik Vladimir Vranić. Afterwards while the Reverend Bishop Mitrofan took the floor, he once again recalled the significance of the feast of the Mother of God and blessed this and every blessed assembly in the name of God and the glory and honor of His saints. It is important to note that a book has been released in print on the occasion of the parish's 50th anniversary. A copy was given to the Reverend Bishop Mitrofan, Mr. Vasilije Petković, Consul General of the RS in Toronto, as well as to the Boards of the Church-School Congregations in Windsor of Gracanica and Sv. Dimitrije. The banquet was followed by an invitation to all attendees to visit the newly-opened exhibition marking the 800th anniversary of the Autocephaly of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the Serbian Heritage Museum in Windsor, the only Serbian museum of its kind in the area. On this occasion, we would like to thank God first for His mercy and for all the gifts and more, but also to all who, by their presence, have magnified the joy of our community, and thus have beautified the celebration of the Church Slava in honor of the Most Holy Mother of God. We thank Alexander Media NEWS / Canada for professional technical support. We pray to the Lord Giver of all goodness to always look graciously upon our community and upon all people of good will, with the prayers of His Most Holy Mother and of all the saints. Protonamesnik Vladimir Vranić