On Friday, November 11, when Canada commemorates Remembrance Day in memory of all the fallen soldiers of the Allies in the two world wars, a memorial prayer for all Orthodox soldiers who fell defending their faith and country, was served in the chapel of the Serbian Orthodox Monastery in Milton.
The pomen was served by priest Jovan Marjanac, diocesan secretary, in the presence of His Grace Bishop Mitrofan, protopriest-stavrofor Bozo Bakajlic, abbot Basil (Gavrilovic) with the brotherhood of the monastery, and diocesan staff.
Serbia, as an ally of Canada, precisely the then Kingdom of Great Britain, in both world wars, sacrificed her best sons and daughters protecting her ancient homeland. In like manner, thousands of Orthodox soldiers, Serbian and otherwise, gave their lives as members of the Canadian forces in order to free Europe from tyranny. May God grant their memory to be eternal.
Lest we forget.
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